i come from the fairy chimneys, from the barren land where mothers have rough hands and spirits dwell in the rocks.
nomad child - first martyr - queen of never existed desert castles.

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020 (via Kenneth Svedlund Ishii)
i always feel beautiful after a nap

miho sekine spring/summer 1998
purple fashion no. 5, summer 1998

dear muslim bloggers,

please stop posting disrespectful/ “funny” memes about the prophet Isa a.s. and get yourself together

Blanket of azaleas enhances Greenfield Gardens, Wilmington, a 210-acre municipal park enclosing a five-fingered lake. Bald cypresses stud the shallow water. Wilmingtonians celebrate the Azalea Festival each spring when the flowers blossom.
National Geographic - February, 1962


Styling on you 


three bridges over the Rhine river one after the other.

Cologne, how I miss you…